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The Task Team’s Key Messages

The Task Team has developed four key messages to reinforce the Busan commitments. These form the basis of its efforts in influencing policy and decision-making to advance the role of civil society in development. These messages are:

  1. Deepen democratic ownership
  2. Pursue enhanced CSO effectiveness, accountability and transparency recognizing CSOs have a responsibility for accountability to varied stakeholders including: governments in CSOs’ countries of operation; development cooperation providers and other funders of CSOs; CSOs’ boards; CSOs’ constituencies and beneficiaries; and, CSO principles and standards such as the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness
  3. Implement official development cooperation with civil society and CSOs consistent with principles of aid and development effectiveness as pertain specifically to them
  4. Promote and protect enabling civil society-related laws, regulations, policies and practice, consistent with internationally and regionally agreed rights and associated good practice.

For more information please refer to the full Key Messages.