Organization of the Task Team

The Task Team is co-chaired by representatives from the National Bureau for NGOs in Uganda,  the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign ffairs, and the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE).

Co-chair official donor community: Mr. Cornelius Hacking (Senior Policy Advisor, Civil Society Division, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Co-chair partner country community: Mr. Stephen Okello (Acting Executive Director, National Bureau for NGOs, Uganda)

picture stephen

Co-chair Civil Society Organizations community: Mr. Richard Ssewakiryanga (Executive Director, Uganda National NGO Forum)


Reference Groups

The Task Team is home to a number of Reference Groups that provide information and guidance on specific activity areas. Reference Groups have balanced multi-stakeholder participation. They are also dynamic, forming and dissolving as necessary. The Task Team currently has Reference Groups on i) Refinement of Indicator Two, ii) Country-level engagement, iii) Task Team studies and iv) the SDGs.


The Task Team is supported by a part-time Secretariat. The Secretariat is hosted by the International Institute of Social Studies (part of Erasmus University Rotterdam) in the Hague, the Netherlands. The Secretariat comprises:

David Wubs-Mrozewicz (Manager)
DW 2

Jacqueline Wood (Senior Strategy and Policy Specialist)

JW 1

Adinda Ceelen (Senior Policy & Communications Officer)
AC 2

Sanne Huesken (Project & Event Coordinator)



The Task Team Secretariat and Task Team meetings and events are funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).