Key Messages

Key Messages for the GPEDC Second High Level Meeting in Nairobi

The “Key messages for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation 2016 Second High Level Meeting in Nairobi – Promoting Inclusive Partnerships and Democratic Ownership in Development Cooperation” were developed by Task Team participants in October 2016. The Key Messsages address the civil society-related commitments* as reflected in the GPEDC four-module framework of Indicator Two, with some further enhancements to the framework.

The Key Messages relate to:

  1. Democratic ownership (multi-stakeholder dialogue and CSO as development actors in their own right)
  2. CSOs’ development effectiveness, accountability and transparency
  3. Official development cooperation with civil society and CSOs
  4. Enabling laws, regulations, policies and practice for civil society

A fifth Key Messages applies the Inclusive Partnerships principle to a selection of past and current HLM themes.

*These commitments were made at various aid and development effectiveness High Level Fora/Meetings including Accra (2008), Busan (2011) and Mexico (2014).