The Sustainable Development Goals


The Task Team engages in the SDGs in light of their potential implications for future progress in implementing civil-society related commitments. This page gives access to the various documents the Task Team developed in relation to the SDGs:

Documents 2016 |Documents 2015 |Documents 2014 |Documents 2013

The Task Team’s input

The Task Team has engaged in a number of different initiatives to seek to influence the SDGs, focusing in particular on the need for continuous stakeholder engagement; the need for inclusive partnerships; and the need to secure an enabling environment for the meaningful engagement of civil society.

In the early stages the Task Team focused on the contents of the Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting the importance of retaining SDG 16 on peaceful and inclusive societies and suggesting the inclusion of the enabling environment. The Task Team now focuses its efforts on the indicator framework. The Task Team believes the indicator framework must include an indicator measuring the protection of fundamental freedoms – which are understood to encompass civil society freedoms – in light of the role that civil society is envisaged to play in the implementation and follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda.