Refinement of Indicator Two

“Civil society operates in an environment that maximises its engagement in and contribution to development.” – Indicator 2

The Global Partnership tracks progress in the implementation of effective development cooperation commitments using a ten-indicator Monitoring Framework. These commitments are clustered around four key principles for effective development cooperation: country ownership; focus on results; inclusive partnerships, and transparency and mutual accountability.

The civil society related commitments on the CSO enabling environment and CSO development effectiveness – which form part of the inclusive partnerships principle – are captured in Indicator 2.

The Nairobi Outcome Document – which came out of the Global Partnership’s second high level meeting (HLM2) in late 2016 – acknowledges the need to refine the existing Monitoring Framework. The Global Partnership subsequently approved a roadmap to refine the global monitoring framework, including Indicator 2.

The Task Team has accepted an invitation from the Global Partnership’s Joint Support Team (JST) to participate in an informal working group that has been established to help the JST refine Indicator 2 ahead of the Global Partnership’s third monitoring round (expected in 2018). A first meeting with the JST took place on 7 April 2017 in Paris at the OECD.

The Task Team has previously engaged with the JST to help them refine Indicator 2 ahead of the Global Partnership’s second monitoring round in 2015/2016.