GPI-12: Stock-take

Stock-take of Indicator Two Monitoring

The Task Team conducted a Stock-take of the Indicator Two monitoring process for the GPEDC’s (second) 2015/16 monitoring round. The stock-take was conducted in a select number of countries in the period of February-May 2016.

The intent of the Stock-take was to provide commentary on the challenges and opportunities of the GPEDC’s second round monitoring, specifically with regard to the monitoring of Indicator Two “civil society operates in an environment which maximises its engagement in and contribution to development”.

The stock-take was largely based on the perceptions of country-level stakeholders on the ideal and actual Indicator Two monitoring process and questionnaire content. Perceptions were gathered via interviews with multiple stakeholders at country level, including government National Coordinators, CSOs and providers (including Focal Points) and others. Where possible, the stock-take also involved observation of the multi-stakeholder data gathering and validation exercises that were meant to be steps in the monitoring.

The findings are consolidated in a single multi-country report.

Read the full GPI-12 Stock-take Report.

Read the Stock-take summary.

Link to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A number of the findings of the Stock-take could be informative for follow-up and review of the SDGs. Similar to the GPEDC monitoring exercise, follow-up and review of the SDGs should also be country-led and voluntary. Moreover, it should be conducted in a participatory manner.

The Task Team wrote a blog (PDF format) about lessons learned from monitoring Indicator Two for follow-up and review of the SDGs. The blog was posted on the GPEDC website.