GPI-12: Framework

CSO enabling environment framework

Refinement of Indicator Two definition and monitoring process

The Task Team collaborated with the the GPEDC’s Joint Support Team (JST) in the refinement of the definition and monitoring process for the GPEDC’s Indicator Two, “civil society operates within an environment which maximises its engagement in and contribution to development”. This was done ahead of the GPEDC’s second monitoring round in 2015/2016.

The framework referred to for this component of GPI-12 is that which now forms the four-part Indicator Two questionnaire of the GPEDC Monitoring Framework. It addresses:

i. Space for multi-stakeholder dialogue in national policies
ii. CSO development effectiveness: accountability and transparancy
iii. Official development cooperation with CSOs
iv. Legal and regulatory environment

For more information, see Annex II of the GPEDC’s Monitoring Guide 2015-2016.