Amphitheatre session “Enabling Environment for Partnerships”

As part of the GPEDC’s Second High-Level Meeting (HLM2) in Nairobi, the Task Team – together with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs – organized  the amphitheatre session “Enabling Environment for Partnerships”. The amphitheatre, which took place on 1 December 2016, was concerned with enabling environment challenges that diverse actors face and that stand in the way of effective multi-stakeholder partnerships. The amphitheatre session fed into the HLM2 plenary session on multi-stakeholder partnerships, through a report-back by keynote speaker Mr. Douglas Rutzen (President/CEO of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law).

Content of the session

Considerable stock has been placed in multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) as a means to progress towards realization of the SDGs. Yet it cannot be assumed that MSPs – whether involving dialogue or joint action – will simply coalesce, nor that they will be inclusive of varied development actors.

The diverse development actors expected to engage in MSPs alongside national governments – civil society organizations (CSOs), local and regional governments, parliamentarians, and the private sector, amongst others – each have varied power, interests and needs that affect their ability to engage. This session addressed the key enabling environment challenges these development actors face as well as actions that can be taken by GPEDC stakeholders to address the challenges.

Video summary 

The video summary below gives an overview of various issues raised during the session.


This multi-stakeholder session involved the following speakers:

  • Douglas Rutzen (President-CEO of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law)
  • Torbjörn Pettersson (Assistant Director General of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
  • Julia Sánchez (President-CEO of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation and CPDE Co-Chair)
  • Shamsul Alam (Senior Secretary/Senior Vice-Ministerr, General Economic Division, Planning Commission, Bangladesh)
  • Odette Nyiramilimo (Member of the East African Legislative Assembly)
  • Nonceba Agnes Molwele (Council of Johannesburg, Vice-President of the Network of Women Local Elected Officials of Africa)
  • Geoffrey Sakulanda (President of the Zambian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

For more details on this session, kindly see the event invitation.


Full video of the Amphitheatre