Refining Indicator 2 of the GPEDC Monitoring Framework

The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation’s (GPEDC) Monitoring Framework seeks to track progress on the commitments and actions agreed in 2011 at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea. The framework – which consists of a set of 10 indicators – seeks to measure progress in improving the effectiveness of development cooperation in specific areas.

Indicator 2 of the GPEDC’s Monitoring Framework is concerned with the enabling environment for civil society and seeks to assess whether “civil society operates within an environment which maximises its engagement in and contribution to development”.

The OECD/UNDP Joint Support Team (which oversees the monitoring process) – in close collaboration with the Task Team – set up an informal working group to provide guidance in refining Indicator 2 ahead of the second (2015/2016) monitoring round. The informal working group comprised experts from civil society, provider governments and recipient governments of development-cooperation.  The process of refining Indicator 2 has been completed. For more information, please see the Annex of the Monitoring Guide for the GPEDC’s 2015-2016 (second) Monitoring Round.